IT Financial Management with Valuemation

German Federal Employment Agency controls IT budgeting, cost accouting and allocation

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The IT system house of the German Federal Employment Agency (BA) provides support in handling all important business processes nationwide. As well as relying on USU’s consulting expertise for its IT financial management, BA’s Information Technology also employs USU’s software solution Valuemation as a centralized standard tool for IT budgeting, IT cost and performance accounting and the costing of IT services.

The project report describes how the Federal Employment Agency simplified the heterogeneous and complex IT environment and established an integrated overall solution for IT financial management. Learn what benefits the organization obtains from USU’s solution – thanks to, for example, the high level of transparency, up-to-dateness and quality of the IT financial information, a high degree of process reliability and standards, as well as automated workflows that cut the cost and effort involved in IT financial controlling significantly.