Automated commercial IT asset management

CSC uses Valuemation as a basis for expanding IT financial management

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Companies have to handle a wide range of IT contracts with increasing complexity and nontransparency. Unmanaged contract extensions and unnecessarily high costs are the results. Common Sense Consulting (CSC) is a European market leader in the area of consulting for IT financing. Using Valuemation as a basis, it developed a software tool that offers transparent portfolio overviews, automates processes, and pinpoints savings potential in complex daily financial, contract and data procedures.

CSC offers a range of modules based on Valuemation in order to provide comprehensive support and automation for all financing processes. Contract, service and asset information is linked and commercial processes are mapped. The software automatically reports the cancellation of contracts within the proper period of time.

In the report, you will learn about such aspects of the project as how CSC has used the software to create an overview of IT financing processes and to offer the option for benchmarking to provide greater transparency in time for being able to negotiate better conditions.