Concordia benefits from ITIL-compliant IT services

Valuemation ensures a standardized service delivery and audit compliance

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Concordia is an insurance group based in Hanover, Germany. Its subsidiary Cordial Versicherungsdienstleistungen GmbH provides all the insurance group’s IT services, using the USU suite Valuemation in IT asset and IT service management as the standard software as a replacement for the former system developed in-house.

The project report describes how the company mastered the greater requirements on the quality of service processes and the increasing complexity of IT operations, while retaining a stable cost base. Learn what benefits the Concordia insurance group obtains from USU’s solution – thanks to, for example, ensuring transparency, audit compliance and compliance in IT controlling of around 6,000 systems and a high level of quality in service delivery based on standardized, ITIL®-compliant service and support processes.