Automation of IT and enterprise services

IT service provider S&T AG manages all service processes with Valuemation

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With roughly 4,800 people in over 25 countries, S&T AG is a leading IT service and solutions provider in central and eastern Europe. The IT service provider faced the challenge of establishing a competency center for IT and enterprise service management on the basis of an ITIL®-compliant customer-service portal.

Integrating new companies and divisions also required a high level of flexibility to standardize the company-wide IT landscape. A refined multiclient concept as well as highly adaptable software with a substantial capacity to be integrated were essential for creating the basis for mapping individual customer processes.

The project report describes how S&T reached its goal, what benefits the USU software offers as a central hub in the service network, and how S&T is using Valuemation as a platform to develop in-house, specific extensions and modules.